Farm Play now available for all devices

We are happy to announce that our first app, Farm Play, is now available to download for all devices.

So if you own an IPad, an IPhone, an IPod Touch or any of the Android devices you can enjoy our Free Animated Coloring App, Farm Play. Beware that for the IPhone and IPod Touch the app is called Farm Play Lite. It is the same as for the other devices, it just has a different name as per Apple’s requirements.

You can also check our website and click on the Farm Play banner to be redirected to the page which helps you download the app for your preferred device.

Hoping that everyone who downloads it will have a blast coloring and animating our 10 funny farm animals.

Don’t be shy in giving us your feedback. We are always grateful for constructive comments that can help us improve the quality of our products.


Save the turtles

We’ve received a special request from our friend Neal Clayton for his friends at Turtle SOS Cabo Verde to help them raise awareness for preserving the habitat of the Loggerhead sea turtle and we have came up with a new activity – Coloring Cut-Outs. We think this makes an easy and fun way to educate kids about how dangerous trash really is for our marine life.

Check them on our Facebook page or directly below.

Color and comment. Save the turtles by cutting along the dotted line.


Paste the turtles in the friendly clean sea to save them. Color accordingly.


Farm Play Desktop Wallpaper

Hello everyone! Our Farm Play app is up in the App Store and has received a great response so far. We want to thank everyone who downloaded it with this themed desktop wallpaper. We hope you like it and it brightens up your day and your computer screen. Thanks again to everyone for the support you’ve shown us.


Hi everybody!

Welcome to our brand new blog!

This is our little space in the blogosphere and we are going to keep you informed and entertained.

Here at AM Productions we always have something fun going on.

Kids of all ages stay tuned!