Our first app FARM PLAY is out now

Hello boys and girls!

It’s a special day today for us, here at AM Productions. We have just launched our first App and are very excited!

After a few good months of work, Farm Play has finally seen the light of day! It is an animated coloring app for kids 2 years and up. It is now available for the Ipad.

We have been publishing coloring books for more than 20 years and adventuring in the digital world was just a natural step for us. Our goal is to provide kids with more outlets to express their creativity.

Building this app was a lot of fun and we wanted that to be obvious in the app itself. That’s why we kept it simple, easy to navigate and packed with fun pictures, sounds and animations.

Once you download the app you become the happy owner of a farm! The 10 funny animal illustrations are brought to life when you press the camera button. Kids can keep on coloring even while the image is animating. This will increase their dexterity and add even more excitement to the process. Every button, sound and picture is made to keep the kids smiling and creating.

Children learn by playing and with this belief we want to help them discover the world. Give this app a try and let us know what your little ones think of it. We appreciate any constructive feedback as we always strive to improve and add value to everything we do.


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